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New Mobile Technology: What To Look Forward To In 2012

The coming months will see massive new operating systems coming from Microsoft and Google as well as big hardware launches from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Windows 8 – what you need to know

The public is going to be able to try out a free trial of Windows 8 from today, which Microsoft hope will help people wake up to Windows as a mobile platform. But what do you need to know about Windows 8?

Xbox 720 – what we want to see

There has been plenty of speculation and rumour about what this next-gen console will feature. But what would we like to see in the Xbox 720?

Xbox 720: what you need to know

What do we know about the next console offering from Microsoft? Well, nothing for sure. But we have had plenty of speculation to keep us busy.

Microsoft says goodbye to CES in final keynote speech

After 15 years at the technology showcase, the computer giant has said goodbye to the Consumer Electronics Show. Find out more…

Microsoft launches Apple Siri rival

Voice recognition software is nothing new, but the way Apple adapted and improved it with Siri gave us something completely different. However, Microsoft is now launching a new competitor, check it out!

Microsoft to add PVR functionality to Xbox 720?

Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that it is transforming the Xbox 360 in a media hub to extend the its life, but it looks as if the company is going a step further by adding PVR functionality to the next generation of the console.

Microsoft’s 2012 CES keynote will be its last

Microsoft has revealed that it will no longer deliver a keynote address at CES following this year’s event in Las Vegas.

Microsoft Xbox 360 Expert Review
Rating: ★★★★½

The Xbox 360 is more than just an amazing games console. It’s the most convenient and complete home entertainment box you can stick under your TV. Read our expert review here!

Microsoft unveil Windows Store in the run-up to Windows 8 OS release

Set to go live in February 2012, Microsoft has announced the launch of the Windows Store – an online store for Windows 8 apps. Find out more