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New Xbox 720 leaks reveal $300 price tag and Kinect 2 inclusion

Microsoft’s next-generation games console, the Xbox 720, has leaked online with a $299.99 price tag tipped alongside Kinect v2 and Blu-ray integrated features. But when can we expect it?

Are Windows tablets the latest rival to Apple’s iPad?

Recent reports have revealed that Microsoft could be launching its own self-branded tablet next week – so could this be the latest rival to Apple’s iconic iPad?

Windows Phone 8 – What do we know so far?

Hinting at some interesting new features, leaked screenshots give us some juicy details of what to expect. So what do we know about Windows Phone 8 so far? Let’s round up.

Vodafone’s signal-boosting brolly, Robocop, Bieber Browser and more…

Vodafone’s new gadget kills two festival woes: it’s an umbrella that boosts phone signal and stops you getting wet. Also in news, Justin Bieber gets his own browser skin, 50 Cent makes us cringe on QVC and iOS 6 gets ridiculous.

SmartGlass, Wonderbook… best technology at E3 2012

It may have been the games that stole the show in Los Angeles this year, but there was still some pretty decent technology on display at E3 2012.

Halo 4 trailer at E3 – what you need to know

Combining live action footage and in-game visuals, the Halo 4 trailer wowed crowds at E3. So what do we now know about this hugely anticipated title?

Windows 8 – what tablets can we expect?

With the OS is expected come a number of tablets, and rumours abound that manufacturers are gearing up to unveil Windows 8 devices next week. So what can we expect?

Windows 8: ‘tens of thousands’ of improvements in Release Preview

Microsoft Windows 8 release preview is available today. Some of the Windows 8 improvements Microsoft highlights are actually either new or updated Metro apps. Read on for all the latest news.

No Xbox 720 until 2013?

Everything from the about the Xbox 720 been argued over. But the one thing we really want to know is very simple – when will it actually be released?

Windows Phone overtakes Apple in Chinese market

Microsoft may still be struggling to make headway in the smartphone market, but the tech giant is coming into its own in the Far East.