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Microsoft Surface RT UK pre-order prices, specs and TV ad

The Microsoft Surface has certainly raised some eyebrows with its potential to rival the iPad however, questions did remain over the pricing until now. Here’s our run down of the price, specs and a look at the first TV ad for the Microsoft Windows 8 Surface tablet.

Microsoft Windows 8 gets a thumbs down from vendors

With just weeks until its launch, Microsoft Windows 8 is said to have failed to make an impression on key supply chain vendors in Asia, according to one analyst, but is it all bad news for Windows 8?

Microsoft launches Xbox Music – what you need to know

Microsoft have announced that they will be rolling out Xbox Music, a new music streaming service for Xbox 360 this week which will also feature on Windows 8 and across smartphone and tablet devices at a later stage.

Microsoft Digits wristbands could change the world of motion control

Microsoft Research has unveiled its idea for an intelligent wristband sensor that tracks finger movement for precise motion controls that could well be the future for home gaming systems and mobile device usage.

Windows Phone creeping up on RIM in Europe

Research has found that Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS is finally making waves in the smartphone market, buoyed by the success of Windows Phone devices from Nokia.

Xbox 720 latest rumour round-up

The tech world rumour mill has been crazy over the next generation of consoles, especially when it comes to the Xbox 720 so we’ve put together all the latest rumours into one article. Check it out here!

Are the Xbox 720 and PS4 to be the last home games consoles?

The Xbox 720 and Sony PS4, the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony could be the last traditional consoles for the home, according to Nvidia executive Phil Eisler because of the cloud.

Xbox 720 to feature a wearable controller?

Just when you thought the Xbox 720 rumours couldn’t get any more outrageous, the tech world rumour mill comes along and blows our minds once again this time with wearable controllers!

Xbox 720 to bring 3D gaming into our living rooms?

According to new rumours which have surfaced, Microsoft’s next gen Xbox 720 console will feature an ‘environmental display’, projecting game worlds across the walls of any room users are playing in.

Could Windows 8 dominate the tablet market by 2015?

Research has suggested that the share of the tablet market currently occupied by Windows 8 devices, currently just 4%, is likely to rise five-fold by 2015 bringing direct competition to the Android and iOS devices.