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iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface, Google Nexus… big tech launches

The Apple iPad Mini, Microsoft’s Surface tablet and a line-up of Nexus devices from Google will be making their debut in the near future ensuring that the tablet war is only just beginning!

Microsoft Surface RT UK pre-order prices, specs and TV ad

The Microsoft Surface has certainly raised some eyebrows with its potential to rival the iPad however, questions did remain over the pricing until now. Here’s our run down of the price, specs and a look at the first TV ad for the Microsoft Windows 8 Surface tablet.

Acer warns Microsoft to ‘think twice’ over Surface plans

Head of Acer JT Wang has zinged Microsoft about its tablet-making skills, urging the software giant to ‘think twice’ about the Microsoft Surface because they don’t have the best record in producing successful hardware.

Microsoft Surface tablet to arrive on October 26th

Microsoft has confirmed its Surface tablet will go on sale the same day as Windows 8 which would mean late October. But is the nail already in the coffin for the Surface? Here’s what you need to know.

Are Microsoft taking a risk with the Surface tablet?

Software giant Microsoft has hinted that its foray into the tablet market, with the Surface, could damage other areas of its business. Will the Surface be a success or will it be the next tablet contender to fall short of Apple’s mighty iPad.

Microsoft reports loss while Google continues to gain

Microsoft has reported a $492 million loss in the three months leading to June, the first time that the computing giant has seen profits dive in its entire history. Elsewhere, Google continues to profit.

Microsoft Surface tablet could sell ‘a few million’ says CEO

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer states “We are not going to leave any space uncovered to Apple” and reveals his plans to sell a “few million” Surface Tablets in the next year.

10 Things To Know About Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface

As Google get ready to announce the long awaited Nexus tablet, here’s 10 Things you need to know from rival Microsoft’s big Windows Phone 8 and Surface tablet launches.

Microsoft claim that tablets will outsell desktops next year

Microsoft’s head of Windows Web Services, Antoine Leblond, is clear about tablet potential for Windows 8, which he says is a “generational change” for Windows. But is he right?

Microsoft Surface vs Apple iPad – Battle of the tablets

With the launch of its Surface tablet, Microsoft has finally made the move into tablet manufacturing and is gearing up to take on the king of this particular market. Apple’s New iPad.