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Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD go on sale in the UK

Amazon’s much anticipated 7-inch Kindle Fire has finally touched down on British shores, alongside the Kindle Fire HD but can they be a success with stiff competition from Google and Apple?

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Comes to the UK – Here’s What You Need to Know

It’s been a long and frustrating wait for tech lovers here in the UK, but the Kindle Fire is finally making its way to our shores in the form of an upgraded version of the original and a new 7-inch HD model. Here’s what you need to know about Amazon’s new range of Kindle devices.

Amazon tease Kindle Fire 2 and new Paperwhite Kindle in TV ad

Amazon is all set to launch a number of new products today and it may have already leaked what it’s going to show thanks to an advert aired in the US during the Dallas Cowboys V New York Giants game. We’ve got all the latest.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire Expert Review
Rating: ★★★★☆

The $199 (£125) Amazon Kindle Fire is what the tech world likes to coin a game-changer. A gadget with the potential to irrevocably alter a sector of the market to the point of no return. So is it any good?

Amazon Kindle book sales overtake hardcover and paperback combined

Amazon have announced that they are now selling more books through their Kindle store than hardcover and paper back sales combines adding another huge milestone for the hugely successful Kindle range.

Amazon planning up to six more Kindle Fire tablets?

The vast majority of us here in Britain may not have even seen the Kindle Fire, but there are rumours abound that Amazon is already preparing a whole host of new models for the coming years.

Google’s new Nexus 7 Tablet vs Amazon’s Kindle Fire

The Google Nexus 7 tablet is due to go on sale here in the UK next month but how does it compare with the king of the cut-price tablet, the Kindle Fire and which one should you buy?

Is the Amazon Kindle Fire finally coming to the UK?

After months of waiting and wondering, it looks like we might see the Kindle Fire, the low-cost tablet from Amazon, finally hit our stores in the UK. It’s about time!

Has Apple defeated the Kindle Fire already?

The Amazon Kindle Fire could already be starting to see a decline in popularity, which could be down to some shrewd moves by Apple.

iPad 3 launch “will feature budget iPad 2″

As the iPad 3 hype gets turned up to 11 in the lead up to its March 7 unveiling, rumours suggests that Apple could release a cheap 8GB iPad 2 alongside the main attraction.