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From computers to theme parks: the growth of Apple

With their first computer being put up for auction and the first Angry Birds theme park officially open for business, we take a look at the growth of Apple and how one brand managed to revolutionise the world of technology.

Apple iTV rumours: the story so far

Following Tim Cook’s announcement that TVs are an “area of intense interest” for Apple, it seems that an Apple TV could be with us sooner than we thought.

Apple look to build iTV flatscreen TV’s by acquiring Loewe

Tech giants Apple throw in a bid to buy high-end German TV manufacturer Loewe as they look to begin production of their highly-rumoured iTV flat-screen television range.

iPhone 5 rumours, no iTV, iPad Mini rumours… top Apple stories this week

With no new apple products due out for a while, all we’ve got to go on is speculation and debate. So what are the big Apple news stories of the week?

Apple iTV – what you need to know

We’ve been given little in the way of detail about what exactly this TV will be able to do. But we can be sure of one thing: that Apple will be entering the market with a view to taking over it.

Apple iTV on test in Canada?

Two Canadian telecommunications companies, Rogers and Bell, are rumoured to be testing out Apple iTV in their labs.