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Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Expert Review
Rating: ★★★★½

The new Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation lands with an excellent 16:9 screen, great looks and slick performance but how does it improve on the previous model and where does it sit with the appearance of the iPad Mini?

A Guide to Buying the New Range of Apple iPods

It’s not just the Apple iPhone 5 which has had a makeover – Apple has now launched a new line of iPod music players for 2012 which includes new iPod Touch and Nano with a host of new and exciting features. Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking to buy one.

New Apple iPod Touch 2012: Everything you need to know

The new Apple iPod Touch has arrived and it’s packing some serious graphical power thanks to the same processor found int he iPhone 4S. Check out all the need to know information below right here…

Apple iPhone 5 launch: Will we see a next-gen iPod Touch?

One of the latest Apple rumours to do the rounds is the launch of a next-gen iPod range at the press event in a few days with claims that the iPod Touch, Shuffle and Nano could see an update.

Introducing Apple iOS 6: Everything you need to know

The latest generation of Apple’s mobile software for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad, has been unveiled – check out our complete guide to iOS 6 and find out what you need to know.

iPod Touch 4th Generation Expert Review
Rating: ★★★★☆

Apple’s new 4th generation iPod touch looks even better in white and has a whole load of new features! A versatile little device, playing music, games, movies and apps, with a camera built in.

10 Reasons Why You Need an iPod touch

You can escape the headlines as the iPhone 4S gets set to launch but it isn’t the only Apple gizmo to concentrate on. If you don’t need to call anyone, then you can get just as many cool features from the iPod touch.

Backing up your music files

Want to know how to make sure your music is all safely stored? Read our step by step guide.

Play games on the amazing iPod touch

The iPod is not just about music anymore. This Comet colleague shows how to play games on the funnest iPod ever!