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Apple vs Google: Are we bored of all this tech rivalry?

With Samsung and Apple locked in courtroom battle, we ask the question, does anyone really care about the endless line of patent fights and copyright infringements? And do they have any bearing on your choice of device?

Xiaomi set to launch follow-up to iPhone rival

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi looks set to release a follow-up to the highly successful iPhone challenger, the M1. But will it be any good? And why is there a growing buzz around the newest company to venture into smartphones?

Sir Jonathan Ive says Apple came close to scrapping the iPhone

Apple’s Head of Industrial Design Sir Jonathan Ive says that the company came close to scrapping iPhone during its development stages because it was good, but not great.

Calls down, texts and smartphones up – how Britain now communicates

Communication watchdog Ofcom has given the deepest glimpse yet at the way British people use technology in their everyday lives from talking to texting to surfing to owning smartphones and tablet computers.

Will the first co-branded Apple/Samsung phone look like this?

We’re sure (like us) you’re all tired of the patent infighting between Samsung and Apple – but think what could be achieved with cooperation! We introduce the iSung Galaxy 5.

The Apple iPhone at five years old

The iPhone has been nothing short of a game-changer, so let’s take a minute to examine the facts behind the rise of everyone’s favourite smartphone.

10 Things To Know About Windows Phone 8 and Microsoft Surface

As Google get ready to announce the long awaited Nexus tablet, here’s 10 Things you need to know from rival Microsoft’s big Windows Phone 8 and Surface tablet launches.

Who is Jonathan Ive and why should you know his work?

You may not have heard of him, but Jonathan Ive is one of the most influential figures in the world of technology. And he has been for some time.

RIM Getting Blackberry Back to Business

Blackberry had a very turbulent year last year, and few in the industry were surprised to hear the announcement today.

Peter the Galaxy Note Elephant and Other Tech Savvy Animals Showcase their Skills

Animals + technology = fun! An elephant playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note, a chameleon with an iPhone, a gorilla checking out a DS and a goldfish playing Call of Duty (OK that last one may have been made up….)