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New iPad: Everything you need to know

Apple’s Tim Cook revealed the new iPad at an event in San Francisco today and we’ve got everything you need to know if you missed it. Get the lo down on Apple’s new amazing tablet.

iPad 3 launch “will feature budget iPad 2″

As the iPad 3 hype gets turned up to 11 in the lead up to its March 7 unveiling, rumours suggests that Apple could release a cheap 8GB iPad 2 alongside the main attraction.

Apple iPad 3: latest rumour round-up

Just when you thought the rumours had finished and we’d now be sitting quietly waiting for the iPad 3, a fresh batch of speculation has been served up.

Leaked iPad 3 casing suggests bigger battery, better screen

A casing supposedly created for the iPad 3 has been ruthlessly photographed and posted online, with its size suggesting we’re in for an increase in battery and graphics power in the new Apple tablet.

iPhone 4S drives Apple into top sales spot

Last year’s release was the iPhone 4S. And despite some bitter disappointment at the lack of an iPhone 5, and some criticism of the phone itself, the 4S sold incredibly strongly.

New Solar Charger Available for iPad and Smartphones

Eco tech lovers rejoice! A leading eco-manufacturer has launched a new range of solar chargers for smartphones, the iPad and other can’t-live-without-gadgets.

Fridges Get the iPad Treatment

iPad fans will simply love the new Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen fridge, featuring a touch screen interface to help you plan your kitchen life.

New gadget lets you watch live digital TV on iPad, iPod or iPhone

Now you don’t even need a phone signal to watch TV on the move, thanks to the tizi add-on for your Apple handhelds.

Apple iPad v Netbooks: Which is better?

Sick of lugging around your laptop? The Apple iPad and a range of netbooks could be what you‘re looking for! This guide will outline the basic differences helping you make a decision.