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iPad and tablets transforming digital consumption

A new report on tablet user behaviour from the US sheds a fascinating insight into the way the device has penetrated the technology market and just how much they have impacted our lives.

WWDC 2012 Rumours: No iOS 6 for first generation Apple iPad

Apple may be about to drop support for the first generation iPad when, as is expected, it announces iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 today. Rumours also suggest the possibility of Apple TV.

Tech To Help Celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The Queen celebrates 60 years on the British throne this weekend – here are some ways technology can help you commemorate her achievement from apps to websites to gadgets.

Spotify app for iPad – what you need to know

What do you need to know about the new Spotify iPad app, and how does it compare with Spotify’s previous forays into the mobile world?

Peter the Galaxy Note Elephant and Other Tech Savvy Animals Showcase their Skills

Animals + technology = fun! An elephant playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note, a chameleon with an iPhone, a gorilla checking out a DS and a goldfish playing Call of Duty (OK that last one may have been made up….)

Apple iPhone 5 – the latest rumours you need to know

The next-gen smartphone from Apple is still a while away – the iPhone 4S is still doing very well. But that’s never stopped the gossip before. So what are the Apple iPhone 5 hottest new rumours?

New Apple iPad – Best Apps For Using On the Retina Display

After months of waiting, speculating, debating, and generally counting the minutes, the new iPad is finally available to buy. What are the best apps that have been updated to utilise the iPad’s best feature – the retina display?

Apple’s New iPad 3 Causes a 324% Hike in Tablet Trade-ins

Apple’s new iPad 3 has caused a rash of iPad 2 owners to mercilessly ditch their faithful old tablet in exchange for cash to put towards its usurper.

Apple’s NEW iPad launches on Friday 16th March in the UK

Britain prepares for iPad mania as the new 3rd generation iPad has a confirmed UK release date for Friday 16th March.

Garageband, iMovie and iPhoto land on new iPad

Garageband and other iLife for OS apps have been shown off at Apple’s new iPad event and look pretty impressive.