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Apple’s New iPad 3 Causes a 324% Hike in Tablet Trade-ins

Apple’s new iPad 3 has caused a rash of iPad 2 owners to mercilessly ditch their faithful old tablet in exchange for cash to put towards its usurper.

New iPad 3 Goes On Sale Today!

The new iPad 3 goes on sale today and shockingly, faithful Apple fans have been queuing through the night to be one of the first to get their hands on the third generation of tablet.

Apple’s new iPad: more successful than the iPad 2?

There’s no denying the quality of Apple’s latest device – the specs are fantastic, and Apple has really stepped up its game once again. But can it beat the success of the iPad 2?

iPad 3 launch “will feature budget iPad 2″

As the iPad 3 hype gets turned up to 11 in the lead up to its March 7 unveiling, rumours suggests that Apple could release a cheap 8GB iPad 2 alongside the main attraction.

Apple iPad 2, now with iOS 5 and iCloud

iPad 2 is the best way to browse email, surf the web, share photos and do the other things you do every day. And now with over 200 new software features in iOS 5, it’s better than ever.

Is the Amazon Kindle Fire Really an iPad 2 Competitor?

Apple could be set for some stiff competition when it comes to taking the right tablets to cure your technology needs. With Amazon launching the Kindle Fire, what does it mean for the iPad 2 and other rival Android devices?

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 vs Galaxy Tab 7.7 vs HTC Flyer

Now that the 7-inch Amazon Kindle Fire has been announced, we thought it would be a good crack to slam its specs up against those of its key rivals. In particular, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About the iPad 2

The much anticipated reincarnation of the incredibly popular iPad hit the streets of the UK just a few months ago in March and has been causing a stir ever since. But what are the hidden facts surrounding Apple’s new creation?

iPad 2: The Best Accessories

See some of the best accessories available to pair up with your Apple iPad 2 to make music, stream wireless content to your TV and print without plugging in a cable.

Apple iPad 2 – The Right Tablet for Novice Users
Rating: ★★★★☆

In my opinion, the iPad has by far shown through as the best option for a novice tablet user. Clear screen, easy controls and easy and frequent software updates.