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3 Easy and Free Ways To Speed Up Your Broadband Connection

There’s nothing more frustrating than a slow broadband connection and it seems that whichever broadband provider we opt for or however much we pay, it’s never a smooth connection. Here’s what you can do to speed up your broadband connection.

Calls down, texts and smartphones up – how Britain now communicates

Communication watchdog Ofcom has given the deepest glimpse yet at the way British people use technology in their everyday lives from talking to texting to surfing to owning smartphones and tablet computers.

Is Wikipedia in a recruitment crisis?

Wikipedia has seen a decline in the number of new admin approvals in the last couple of months – prompting fears of a recruitment crisis. But what does this mean for the web’s biggest free encyclopedia?

Yahoo and Facebook resolve their differences and form new partnership

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the tech companies could just get along with suing each other every five minutes? Yahoo and Facebook have now proven that you don’t need a courtroom to settle differences.

Internet TV service YouView finally launches in Britain

YouView, an internet TV service that combines on-demand content with the UK’s Freeview channels has been formally launched in the UK. Better late than never?

Google Wi-Fi probe: how to stay safe online

With Google facing another investigation concerning user privacy and the protection of data, it seems that the internet is posing more security risks than we realise.

O2 block The Pirate Bay

After a high court ruling against The Pirate Bay for aiding the illegal downloading of music, O2 have become the latest UK broadband service provider to block the file sharing website.

Can Chrome keep ahead of Internet Explorer in the browser battle?

Chrome, the web browser from tech giant Google, has overtaken Internet Explorer to become the world’s most-used browser. But will it last?

Many Facebook users don’t click on adverts

Facebook’s flotation will generate plenty of funds for the company, there are fears it could change the social networking site for the worse.

What a Tweet! Twitter reports 10 million UK users

As one of the fastest growing social networking sites, Twitter has revealed further signs of its success by announcing it now have a staggering 10 million active users in the UK.