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Windows Phone 8 devices: Will they be a success?

Microsoft has launched its Windows Phone 8 OS, with users able to get their hands on the range of models this weekend but will the OS be a success or even a match for the might of Android and iOS?

HTC One X+ vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – battle of Android phones

The Galaxy Note 2 from Samsung and the One X+ from HTC have both been launched recently adding to the growing popularity of phablets but how do these two new Android devices compare?

Rumoured HTC One X+ – what you need to know

The speculated arrival of the hotly-anticipated HTC One X+ seems to have been confirmed, following its appearance in the latest O2 catalogue. Here’s what you need to know about the flagship device from HTC.

Is HTC phablet actually the Google Nexus 5 smartphone?

Instead of the 5-inch HTC One X5 that we thought was in the pipeline, HTC is actually said to be creating the Google Nexus 5 smartphone. Here’s what we know so far about the next handset from HTC.

HTC unveils Windows 8S and 8X – are they any good?

HTC have unveiled the Windows 8-powered HTC 8X and HTC 8S at a press event in New York, which will be hitting the market in November going into direct competition with Nokia. But are they any good?

Is HTC preparing to launch the One X5 phablet?

HTC is scheduled to hold a press event tomorrow, and many expect to the see the One X5 phablet device unveiled but what are the rumoured specs and features for the model? Find out here!

iPhone 5 vs Lumia 920 vs Galaxy S3 vs HTC One X – Battle of the smartphones

Apple’s latest handset, the iPhone 5 goes up against the best handsets from Nokia, Samsung and HTC but which one comes out on top? We put these top handsets head-to-head to find out…

HTC patent claim: Could the iPhone 5 and iPad be banned in US?

If HTC’s patent claims are upheld, there is a chance that the upcoming iPhone 5 and iPad could be banned in the US – a devastating blow for Apple ahead of tomorrow night’s big launch event in San Fransisco.

HTC Desire X Early Hands-on Expert Review

In an attempt to snaffle the legions of ex-HTC Desire users with a more budget model, HTC has announced the Desire X smartphone. But can it compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung? Find out more here!

HTC ‘phablet’ and Endeavour C2 in the pipeline

HTC look to be preparing for a busy period with the Endeavour C2, a successor to the One X and also a new ‘phablet’ device, capitalising on the estimated 208 million devices that are set to be sold in 2015, according to ABI research.