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Setting up your home office – the ultimate how to guide

One of the hardest parts about starting up on your own is deciding how to kit out your home office. Do you chose a Mac or PC, wireless or wired? Our ultimate how to guide will help you decide.

The complete guide to multiple monitors

While you may already be running two displays, it’s now easy for everyone to enjoy three, four, six or even 10 displays! Here’s our quick and easy guide to setting up ‘Swordfish style’ multiple display heaven.

Sat nav beginners guide

This short video shows you how to get your sat nav up and running.

All-in-one printers

Get a printer, scanner and copier altogether with an all-in-one printer! Great for saving space! Watch our video to learn some helpful tips for buying one.

How To Connect Your Wii To A Wireless Network

Enjoy online multiplayer games, internet TV and much more by connecting your Nintendo Wii to your home internet connection with the help of our simple guide.

Washing machine problems? Things to check

Having some problems with your washing machine? Before you call out the plumber, check a few simple things – it could be as simple as a build up of gunk in the drawer! Lovely!

How To Setup Windows Live Mail

Guide explaining how to setup Windows Live Mail as a third party email client.

How to test your internet speed

How to test your internet speed; checking that your provider offers a good speed for your area.

Which internet connection is most suitable for me?

Take a look at this analysis of the different available broadband options and who each one is most suited to. Find your perfect broadband match today!