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Nintendo 3DS XL: Fears over screen quality

While the launch of the Nintendo 3DS XL should have been met with a flurry of excitement from gamers, there is concern that the screens reduce the quality of game play.

GTA 5, World of Warcraft, new PS3… what can we expect at Gamescom 2012?

It may still be more than a month away, but we’re getting pretty excited about Gamescom 2012 already. So what can we expect from the event this year?

Nintendo 3DS XL Expert Review
Rating: ★★★★☆

Can the Nintendo 3DS XL find a special place in the heart of the smartphone game-playing masses after the slow start of its predecessor? Read our expert review to find out!

Nintendo 3DS XL – what you need to know

Nintendo’s new 3DS XL is a revamped and improved handheld 3DS which is due for release in July 2012. So what do you need to know about this updated piece of hardware? And will it be any good?

Nintendo 3DS XL has a new 4.88-inch screen

Nintendo has announced a larger 3D handheld console, with a 4.88-inch top screen and 4.18-inch bottom one. But will the 3DS XL be a success where the 3DS fell short?

Nintendo 3DS Owners to get Digital Download Option

Nintendo will offer 3DS and Wii customers the option of digital downloads with the launch of Super Mario Bros 2 hoping that this may do something to counter poor sales for the last fiscal year.

Gaming the UK’s Biggest Entertainment Industry

Research has revealed that gaming has overtaken video to become the biggest entertainment category in the country.

Sony PS Vita Expert Review
Rating: ★★★★½

Sony’s latest attempt to lift a slice of the handheld pie so ably scoffed by Nintendo is the PS Vita: a chunky black slab of portable PlayStation. But is it any good?

Sony PS Vita countdown: games we want to see

What games would we like to see make the transition to on-the-go gaming? Here is our pick of the games that should, and could, appear on the Vita.

Sony PS Vita Countdown: Most Exciting Game Trailers

Last year we brought you the trailers for the most exciting games on the PS Vita. And with the console’s release just weeks away, we thought we’d bring you some more.