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GTA 5: More details on release and pre-order dates

Rockstar Games has finally given us some more release date details about the eagerly awaited GTA 5, and promises more information in the coming weeks. Haven’t we heard that before?

GTA 5 release date confirmed in leaked image?

GTA 5, the hotly anticipated next installment in the Grand Theft Auto series, has had a release date touted via a leak on a GTA 5 forum showing a pre-order poster. Here’s the latest GTA 5 news!

GTA 5 Facebook page launched, more details imminent

Details of GTA 5 are still very hazy, as is the release date but it seems that Rockstar is slowly getting ready to give us some concrete information as they launch a GTA 5 Facebook page!

GTA 5 release date before March 2013?

When it comes to GTA 5, what we care most about is when it will actually be launched and according to one industry analyst, we could be seeing it earlier than you think! Christmas 2012???

GTA 5 coming to Nintendo Wii U?

There have been suggestions that the eagerly anticipated GTA 5 could make an appearance on the Nintendo Wii U, but could it really happen? And if so, what would it bring to gamers?

GTA 5 – Latest storyline and feature rumours

Rumours are rife about the latest addition to the Grand Theft Auto lineup, GTA 5 but what are the latest GTA 5 rumours doing the rounds and what do you need to know about the hotly anticipated game?

New GTA 5 screen shots – what do they tell us?

GTA 5 was no-show at Gamescom earlier this month, but Rockstar has thrown us a couple of morsels of info in the form of 6 new screen shots detailing some cool transportation and down-time activities.

GTA 5 trailer recreated in Battlefield 3 universe

With a distinct lack of GTA 5 information at the moment, one fan has put together a GTA 5 trailer all of his own to give gamers something new to watch. Are Rockstar in danger of loosing loyal fans?

Will GTA 5 be rushed over financial concerns?

If Take-Two’s financial performance of late is anything to go by, the gaming giant will be wanting to see GTA 5 in the shops sooner rather than later. Will we see GTA 5 before 2013?

GTA 5 release date, trailer, cheats, news, screenshots and rumours

All the latest GTA 5 release date, trailer, cheats, news and rumours all rolled up into one amazing article! Find out what’s in store for the upcoming Xbox 360, Sony PS3 & PC title from Rockstar.