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Playable Moog synthesiser is the best Google doodle yet!

To celebrate Robert Moog’s 78th birthday, Google have released a new amazing doodle synthesiser that allows you to create sweet Google Doodle music and even save creations for later playback!

Google completes purchase of Motorola Mobility

Google has completed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility, in a £7.9 billion deal with the US mobile device manufacturer. Read on to find out exactly what happened and what this means for us.

Google reveals the secrets of email delivery with the Story of Send

Want to learn what happens to an email after you’ve written it? Well, Google has come up with a virtual tour of electronic message delivery to educate you.

The battle for the living room: will the new Google TV revolutionise home entertainment?

Google has made another attempt at perfecting their own Smart TV technology. But will this finally crack the nut of integrated home entertainment or will it be another disappointment for Google?

Google’s Project Glass – Augmented Reality Glasses Take Technology to a New Level

Google’s Project Glass Augmented Reality Glasses show us how the future could look – Spec wearers rejoice!

Facebook vs Google – New Battle of the Search Engines

According to reports, Facebook is quietly working a new version of the search function to help users make the most of the vast plethora of content on the site.

Google Tablet Store – What You Need to Know

Google has conquered a number of markets in its lifetime., as now it appears that Google is planning to launch an online store, to sell tablets directly to customers. Here’s what you need to know about Google tablet store.

Google to Launch Online Android Tablet Store & Nexus Tablet Range

Google Android Tablet store and Nexus tablet are coming soon according to reports but are fighting an uphill battle to dethrone Apple’s new iPad

Google Play replaces Android Market

Google has ditched the Android Market moniker and announced a new all-in-one portal for apps, music, books and movies called Google Play.

Google’s Kindle Fire rival – what we know so far?

How far has Google come with its plans for a low-end tablet contender? And what do we know about the exciting device so far? Find out all you need to know here!