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Facebook search: Can it compete with Google?

In a talk at TechCrunch Disrupt, Mark Zuckerberg’s references to search have indicated that the company is forging ahead with plans to create a search engine to rival Google and Bing. But will it work?

Amazon Kindle Fire HD vs Google Nexus 7

The new Kindle Fire HD beats the Nexus 7 on several key areas, including the price but it’s not entirely a win for Amazon… We put these 2 budget tablets head to head to see which one’s best.

1.3 million Android devices activated every day

Google currently sees around 1.3 million Android devices activated per day, up from 1 million in June, according to Chairman Eric Schmidt showing a rising success of the mobile platform.

Google Nexus 7: Rumoured 3G version set to hit the market in 6 weeks

Google’s perennially popular Nexus 7 tablet has garnered praise in technological circles ever since it hit the market in July. Could a rumoured 3G version add to the tablet’s success?

Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad Mini

The rumoured Apple iPad Mini will go head-to-head with other low-end tablets if it’s launched with the iPhone 5 but how will it fare against the Google Nexus 7 and the soon to launch Acer Iconia Tab A110?

Google Nexus 7 vs Acer Iconia Tab A110

With the low-end Acer Iconia Tab A110 due for release in September, Acer will be going head-to-head with Google’s highly popular Nexus 7. So how do the two compare?

YouTube to skirt new Google search demotion rules for pirated content

Google’s new piracy-fighting search algorithm, which downgrades illegal content, is unlikely to affect its YouTube service which, is arguably the home of much of the web’s illegally uploaded content.

Apple vs Google: Are we bored of all this tech rivalry?

With Samsung and Apple locked in courtroom battle, we ask the question, does anyone really care about the endless line of patent fights and copyright infringements? And do they have any bearing on your choice of device?

Online contacts and calendars: How to work out which is best for you?

Online services, sometimes known as cloud services, are all the rage. And, despite the basic services costing nothing, companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and even Amazon are queuing up for your custom.

Google delays release of Nexus Q to add improvements

Google’s Nexus Q media streaming device was due out this month but consumers reportedly wanted more from the “little sphere that could.” But have Google delivered the goods?