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Google TV – what you need to know

Google and Sony have collaborated to bring the Google TV service a non-US market for the first time. So what do you need to know about Google TV?

In pictures: LG Smart TV with Google TV

With all the talk of Google TV, it has to be remembered that the service hadn’t been available straight from a television until CES 2012, when a partnership with LG was announced.

Apple TV vs Google TV: Which will be Best?

Forget about Siri, Ice Cream Sandwiches and Smartphones: the real battle of the technology giants is in winning over millions of consumers to the next generation in TV technology: Smart TVs.

HMV On Demand to face big competition from Netflix, LoveFilm, Google TV

Retailer HMV has announced plans to launch an on-demand film service. But will it work?

Samsung to carry Google TV 2.0

Samsung, the world’s leading flat panel TV manufacturer, is set to announce a new smart TV using the latest version of Google TV.