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Rockstar release 2 new screens for GTA 5

Rockstar have released 2 screens from the (probably) upcoming GTA 5 title. But enough already! When are we going to see some actual footage and can we have a release date please?

GTA 5 update – Now a no-show at Gamescom 2012?

There have been some rather exciting titbits of juicy GTA 5 gossip recently, but the latest info is slightly more disappointing. Will GTA 5 be at Gamescom 2012? Fin out here!

GTA 5, World of Warcraft, new PS3… what can we expect at Gamescom 2012?

It may still be more than a month away, but we’re getting pretty excited about Gamescom 2012 already. So what can we expect from the event this year?

GTA 5 to be unveiled at Gamescom 2012 in August?

GTA fans everywhere, rejoice! A trailer for Gamescom 2012, the gaming trade show held in Germany each year, has given us some hope that GTA 5 could be appearing sooner than hoped!