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Star Wars, Mass Effect 3, Pixar… top Kinect games this year

Kinect, Microsoft’s motion sensor technology for the Xbox 360, has given gaming a whole new dimension. Find out more about the top Kinect games this year.

Resident Evil 6 details announced, plus epic trailer

Capcom has confirmed that it is working on Resident Evil 6 in what’s sure to be one of the biggest gaming released of 2012.

Sony PS Vita countdown: biggest handheld games of 2011

With the release of the Sony PS Vita just around the corner, what were the most successful handheld games of the last year?

Crysis 2, Call of Duty, Battlefield… most pirated games of 2011 revealed

First we had the most pirated films of last year, with some slightly dubious movies making it into the top ten, and now we have the most pirated PC games of the year. Chem them out!

Like Doodle Jump? You’ll love these iPhone, iPad and iPod touch games

Doodle Jump was one of the earliest iOS smash hits. The game was released in April 2009, and by the end of the year it had been downloaded over a million times.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 returns to iPhone and Android

The world’s favourite blue hedgehog will be making a return in 2012, as Sega confirms that Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode II will be released this year.

Halo 4, GTA 5, Uncharted… top game trailers for 2012

Here is our pick of the most tantalising video game trailers out there. What titles can we look forward to in 2012? Find out more…

Skyrim, Arkham City, GTA… best game cheats to use this Christmas

For the moral gamer, cheats are not an option. But if you want to get the most out your gaming, cheats are necessary. Here are some of the best.

Cityville, Mafia Wars, The Sims… most popular Facebook games of 2011

The big success story of Facebook games this year has been casino-style games. Helped in no small part by the rise in popularity of poker, casino-style games are now all over Facebook.

Skyrim swoops to games chart Christmas victory

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has managed to keep its top spot for the second week in a row to be crowned Christmas number one. Find out more…