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The Nintendo Wii U looks set to get a release before the end of the year. So what games are confirmed so far?

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SXSW Interactive has been running for nearly as long as the music festival, and is celebrating its 19th birthday this year. So what do you need to know about SXSW Interactive?

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The gaming industry is gearing up for one of the biggest nights of the year, as the Bafta Video Game Awards take place this Friday. But who gets your vote?

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There has been an interesting development recently, concerning the release date of this long-overdue title. So when is GTA 5 coming out?

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Valentine’s Day is coming and so it’s time to think of some ways to please your other half. From presents and gifts to apps that’ll make your night more romantic, there’s plenty of technology to help.

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With the official UK launch of the PS Vita just over two weeks away, what are the most exciting fighting games to look forward to?