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Samsung Galaxy S3 – latest rumour round-up

With Mobile World Congress over for another year, the Galaxy S3 rumour mill will surely be going into overdrive once more.

Was the Samsung Galaxy S3 missed at MWC?

With all the excitement at MWC, we almost forgot that we had expected to see the S2’s follow-up at this year’s event. But did we miss it?

Samsung Galaxy S3 specs ‘revealed’

Samsung may have chosen not to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S3 at MWC 2012 this year, but that hasn’t stopped the device stealing the limelight, with new information about the phone’s specs coming to light.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – outrageous rumours

But while some Galaxy S3 rumours may prove to be correct, an awful lot more will turn out to be pure fantasy. So what are the most outrageous so far?

Samsung Galaxy S3 – hottest leaks so far

We were all getting a little bit too excited about Samsung’s next smartphone, the Galaxy S3, and nothing gets us quite as excited as a leak from an ‘inside man’ or a ‘trusted source’. What are the hottest leaks so far?

Samsung Galaxy S3: when on Earth will it be launched?

We have no Galaxy S3 at Mobile World Congress, no Galaxy S3 in France later this month – when on earth are we going to see it?

Samsung Galaxy S3 – latest rumour round-up

The Samsung Galaxy S3 rumour mill is still going strong – giving us plenty to talk about. So what are the latest rumours?

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date: clever marketing or real deal?

A couple of juicy Galaxy S3 rumours have emerged recently. But are they grounded in truth or just Samsung trying to keep the hype up?

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date revealed?

Samsung could launch its next flagship device the Galaxy S3 at a media event in France on 22 March.

Will the Samsung Galaxy S3 be the world’s thinnest smartphone?

As another week goes by, we get yet more rumours about the smartphone that everyone is talking about – the Samsung Galaxy S3.