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Samsung Galaxy S3 – latest news and rumours

The tech world rumour mill never sleeps, but it has been working a little harder than usual when it comes to the Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to Rival iPhone 4S Display?

Far from being laughable, the latest rumour concerning the device’s screen has caught our interest. According to the latest reports, the S3 will have a display to rival the iPhone 4S.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – the latest leaks and rumours

We’re taking each one with more than one pinch of salt, but they are still getting us excited. So what are the latest leaks and rumours?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Image Leak & Specs Confirmed

Another image claiming to be the Samsung Galaxy S3 has appeared online, with striking similarities to the press image leak we saw a few days ago.

Is this the Samsung Galaxy S3?

We’ve had yet another ‘leak’ concerning the Galaxy S3, although this one is a little more convincing than the rest.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to Run Dual Operating Systems?

Another week and another Samsung Galaxy S3 photo and spec leak, which this time suggests that Samsung’s eagerly anticipated handset will allow users to flip between two versions of the Android operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus – What You Need to Know

Samsung has been enjoying itself in the smartphone market of late. We know we’re not getting a high-end device from Samsung until the Galaxy S3 later this year, but what do you need to know about the Galaxy Ace Plus?

Latest Samsung Galaxy S3 Leak: Real or Fake?

An supposed image of the Galaxy S3 has started going round of the tech world rumour mill, getting people excited and sceptical in equal measure.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch Date Leaked?

We’ve been kept waiting and waiting, but according to a leaked image we could see the Samsung Galaxy S3 finally break cover next week.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – Fresh Rumours Start Doing the Rounds

We still have no word from Samsung about a release date for the Galaxy S3, with the rumoured April launch seeming less and less like with every passing day. So what new bouts of gossip, rumour and speculation has the internet thrown up this time around?