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Nokia Lumia 900 vs Samsung Galaxy S3

With the Samsung Galaxy S3 just around the corner, we thought we’d pit it against another device we’ve had to wait for – the Nokia Lumia 900.

Windows Phone 8 for Samsung Galaxy S3 – what you need to know

According to reports, Samsung does not expect to face much of a challenge adapting the Galaxy S3 from Android to Windows Phone 8.

Will the new Samsung Galaxy S3 kill off Apple’s new iPhone?

As Samsung look to dominate the smartphone market with the new Galaxy S3, how will Apple fair? And will the launch of the new iPhone (whenever it may be) put Apple back in the top spot?

Samsung Galaxy S3: UK networks and providers revealed

UK networks have quickly announced the availability of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the UK in preparation for record breaking sales of the new handset.

Samsung Galaxy S3: everything you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been unveiled, so it’s high time we gave you a run down on all the features of the new handset. Look no further – we’ve full details here.

Samsung Galaxy S3 spotted in ‘secret’ case

It seems Samsung is trying to steal HTC’s ‘leakiest manufacturer’ crown as another Galaxy S3 ‘photo’ has been unveiled just short of the launch even being held tomorrow evening in London.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – last minute leaks and rumours

After months of eager anticipation and endless speculation, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is nearly here. But what are the last minute leaks and rumours?

Who needs the Galaxy S3? Samsung profits soar in first quarter

Electronics giant Samsung has recorded a huge profit for the first quarter of this year, becoming the largest mobile phone seller in the world.

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch – what else will we see?

With the invitation came a raft of fresh speculation about the launch itself, with many reports claiming Samsung will use the opportunity to show us a couple of other products. So what might we see?

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date pegged for May 3

A new invite leak has made its way on to the web, suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is to finally make its first appearance May 3.