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Apple iPhone 5 will ‘put Galaxy S3 to shame’

While there have been all manner of top quality smartphones released this year (mostly by Samsung), there is one showdown that we’re only halfway to seeing. Should you wait for the iPhone 5?

Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Expert Review
Rating: ★★★★★

The quadcore processor-powered Samsung Galaxy S3 is big on screen and innovative features, but is it enough to beat Apple’s iPhone 4S into submission? Read our expert review to find out!

Samsung Galaxy S3: the story so far

It has been labelled as more popular than the iPhone 4S, but has been dubbed inferior to the Nokia Lumia 900. So where does that leave the Galaxy S3?

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 release date arrives amid delays

The long awaited Samsung Galaxy S3 release date has finally arrived after months of specualtion, but delays have cast a dark cloud over its arrival with operators struggling to get hold of stock.

Samsung Galaxy S3 released, will it beat the S2?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has finally gone in sale in the UK, Europe, and parts of the Middle East. But will it be more successful than its predecessor, the Galaxy S2?

Samsung launches new Music Hub for Galaxy S3 to rival iTunes Match

If you were wondering what Samsung was going to do with its acquisition of mSpot, here’s your answer: it’s taking on Apple’s services. We take a look at the monumental task ahead.

Samsung confirms Galaxy S3 chassis is made of classy stuff

Samsung have confirmed that the Galaxy S3 has a lovely back… in fact it sports a polycarbonate chassis, not a plastic body. So a smartphone with some classy stuff indeed!

Samsung Galaxy S3 racks up 9 million pre-orders

Samsung sources boast an impressive 9 million pre-orders around the globe ahead of the release of their highly anticipate Galaxy S3 flagship smartphone and also offer early availability.

Samsung Galaxy S3 – what accessories can we expect?

With the Galaxy S3 just around the corner, Samsung has kept us happy with a sneak peek at the S3’s accessories. So what can we expect?

How can the iPhone 5 contend with the Galaxy S3?

One of the contenders in the smartphone battle of 2012 – the Samsung Galaxy S3 – has finally launched. So what will the Apply iPhone 5 need to do to compete?