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Samsung boosting Galaxy S3 features ahead of iPhone 5 launch

With the Apple iPhone 5 due in the next couple of months, Samsung is doing all it can to boost sales before the head-to-head with its fierce rival. Will the iPhone 5 be a success or is 2012 the year of Samsung domination?

Samsung Galaxy S3 to get Android Jelly Bean update in autumn

Samsung Galaxy S3 owners will have the comfort of an Android Jelly Bean update before the cold winter months arrive according to ‘inside sources’. Other models including the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S2 could also see updates.

Galaxy S3 drives huge Samsung profits

Tech giant Samsung has recorded huge profits for the second quarter of this year, spurred on by the huge success of the Galaxy S3.

Samsung sold twice as many phones as Apple in Q2, say analysts

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has helped Samsung double Apple’s phone sales as users wait for the iPhone 5. But can Samsung continue the sales with Apple’s new iPhone on the horizon?

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 hits the 10 million sales marker

Samsung will be in the party mood this week as their flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3 has managed to top 10 million sales. But will the imminent arrival of a new iPhone dampen the party?

Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Expert Review
Rating: ★★★★½

Google gets its hands dirty improving what’s already great about Ice Cream Sandwich, tuning things up under the hood as it serves up its tastiest treat yet with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to sell 20 million in six months?

If estimates for next quarter prove to be correct, Samsung could have shifted 20 million Galaxy S3 smartphones in just six months! But why has the device exploded in this way?

Give O2 a break – you shouldn’t be so dependent on your phone

Sure the O2 network outage is annoying, but it’s not the end of the world! Just be patient people. Remember when App stores and streaming media were the stuff of dreams? It wasn’t that long ago.

Will the first co-branded Apple/Samsung phone look like this?

We’re sure (like us) you’re all tired of the patent infighting between Samsung and Apple – but think what could be achieved with cooperation! We introduce the iSung Galaxy 5.

Galaxy S3: already Samsung’s most popular smartphone?

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is proving to be a worthy competitor to Apple’s iPhone, but does this mean it is already the manufacturer’s most popular smartphone to date?