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Do you SocialEyes?

A new US company with a focus on ‘socialising video’ promises to introduce a new multimedia video experience to the world. But will SocialEyes take-off and what is it exactly?

How Technology Has Changed the World

The Prime Minister on YouTube; video streaming on smartphones goes global; and ideas spread in minutes: the world is changing rapidly and the technology we all know and love is behind it.

Freaky Tech Thursday

Every week I shall bring you my latest findings on crazy tech from around the darkest, strangest corners of this world we call earth.

Five of the best 3D technology gadgets we cannot wait to get our hands on!

Last year the arrival of 3D was blasted into our world. Fast forward twelve months and we are experiencing innovation like nothing before

Tech FAIL Of The Week

Generally technology is supposed to make our lives easier, more enjoyable and save us time… Except when it does the complete opposite!Welcome to the world of Tech FAILS…

5 Valentine Gifts for Tech Lovers

Love is in the air as the nation prepares to romance their other halves on 14th February. And whether it be under the shimmer of moonlight, in the glow of candlelight, or the beam of a shiny new machine, check out these Valentine’s gifts technology fans will love.

Top Gadgets for New Parents

For the all the new parents out there, you’ll agree that anything to make life easier and more enlightening is a must have!  When your little bundle of joy arrives, you’ll notice the unbelievable amount of “baby stuff” that takes over your entire household!  Time to pick out the essentials to make those first months a bit more fun and relaxing!

Bagtv – An innovative concept in bag design

Bagtv is an innovative concept in bag design, which combines stylish luxury bags with high tech electronic equipment.

Make the most of that new Christmas tech

Once you’ve unwrapped all those shiny new gizmos on Christmas Day, here are some simple tips for making the most of them.

The best festive party gadgets

Planning a knees-up for the festive season? Here are the gizmos and appliances you’ll need to make things go with a swing.