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Tech to beat the end of football season blues

Read the ways you can use gadgets, websites and apps to help pass the time until the football season starts again in August – they’ll certainly cheer fans up before the Premier League returns.

Ten of the Best Weight Loss Must Haves for Summer

Winter is now a distant memory for most of us and hopefully we can look forward to a scorching summer. But with summer comes flesh, baring it for all to see.

A Handy Guide to Outdoor Living

Cooking and eating outdoors is one of many things we all love about the warmer weather. To be sure you make the most out of your summer, get yourselves prepared with all the necessary cooking items and accessories so you’ll be ready to go when the sun comes out!

Super Awesome Awesome Awesomeness

Fancy seeing some pretty amazing stuff? How about crops that grow in space, or melting light bulbs? We’ve got a run-down of some of today’s hair raising technology!

Freaks of the Week

Bringing you the most awesomess, craziest, oringinal and awesomeness tech of the week. Trawling through pages upon pages of internet so I can bring these little gems of freaky brilliance!

5 Father’s Day Gifts Under £50

Father’s Day is fast approaching and what better way to show dad you love him than with some great gadget gifts. Keeping in with the latest trends doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, here are some top 5 great gift ideas for your gadget loving dad.

5 Father’s Day Gifts under £100

If this year has been really tough on your family and you are looking to make Father’s Day even more special than usual, with a budget of £100 to splash, take a look at these funky gift ideas for inspiration.

Freaks of the week

The latest in slingshot technology, Segway jousting, cats ears that reflect your mood – intrigued? Tech is getting more weird and wonderful all the time!

5 Father’s Day Gifts under £20

Fathers’ day is the next main event around the corner this summer, and for those who cannot wait to show their dad how much they mean to them, may benefit from these fun and quirky gift ideas.

Smart Washing Machine to Allow Control via Your Phone

A new smart technology washing machine from LG Electronics promises to be a real time-saver for busy households: you can control it via your phone!