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CES 2012: Apple iPhone Turned Into Gaming Gadget

In homage to the start of CES 2012 in Las Vegas today, one of the world’s leading ‘modding’ aficionados has turned a standard Apple iPhone into an ‘enhanced gaming tool’.

Google Wallet coming to UK in 2012

With the London Olympics just around the corner, the search engine giant is hoping to launch the Google Wallet app in time. Find out more…

Get Yourself Ready for New Year’s Eve Celebrations

With the end of 2011 just around the corner, the mood turns from Christmas eating and drinking to New Year’s Eve eating and drinking – oh and looking good for the partying nights out. So here’s some technology, gadgets and gizmos to aid your style and your stomach on the final night of the year.

8 brilliant gadgets that totally failed to launch

What would an alternate universe look like where Microsoft dominated with a slick newspaper-ready tablet, HP had won the smartphone wars, and we were all carrying around a Palm Foleo?

Last Minute Gifts for Christmas

It’s about the time of year when everyone rushes out to the shops and grabs anything and everything off the shelves just to have something to wrap up for friends and family on Christmas Day. But to save you that hassle and confusion, here’s some ideas for tech presents.

Top Tech for your Christmas Driving

Just when you fancy putting your feet up over Christmas and New Year, there will always be a reason to get in the car and go somewhere – whether that’s to family or the sales or if you’re lucky on a holiday. But how do you stay safe and alert on the winter roads? With these apps and websites and gadgets, that’s how!

Great tech Christmas presents

Whatever your budget, there’s a tech gift you can find. Whether it’s a watch, a radio, iPad or even a TV, there are plenty of gifts to suit every budget.

The real Cyber Monday coming next week

There’s a new Monday on the scene coming to take the Cyber crown, this Monday 5 December, read how it will be!

Essential Christmas kitchen tech guide

There’s only one annoying thing about Christmas… and that’s all the cooking. If you’re the chef of the house, whipping up a dinner for all the family can easily take the gloss off the festivities. So here’s some kitchen technology to help ease your pain and make your meal even tastier.

5 Christmas Gifts for under £30

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to stop dithering and start buying. I’ve rounded up five great gift ideas to inspire you, and all for less than £30.