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Super Awesome Awesome Awesomeness

Apologies I’ve been away for sometime, part gathering more awesomeness, part recovering from glastonbury, mainly the latter. Now that we are all reacquainted let me show you the meaning of awesomeness …

Super Awesome Awesome Awesomeness

Among other amazing stuff, here we’ve got some awesome pics from Google street view, and a solar powered handbag!

Super Awesome Awesome Awesomeness

Fancy seeing some pretty amazing stuff? How about crops that grow in space, or melting light bulbs? We’ve got a run-down of some of today’s hair raising technology!

Freaks of the Week

Bringing you the most awesomess, craziest, oringinal and awesomeness tech of the week. Trawling through pages upon pages of internet so I can bring these little gems of freaky brilliance!

Freaks of the week

The latest in slingshot technology, Segway jousting, cats ears that reflect your mood – intrigued? Tech is getting more weird and wonderful all the time!

Freaky Tech Thursday

Every week I shall bring you my latest findings on crazy tech from around the darkest, strangest corners of this world we call earth.