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Reward Yourself for Getting Fit and Healthy

It isn’t easy trying to stay healthy and keep fit, especially when it can be hard work finding food or drink that’s not bad for you or making the effort to go for a run. But you can save a fortune by going healthy and just look at what gadgets and technology you can buy with those savings.

10 Gadgets to Help You Keep Fit

Whether you want to tone up, trim, put on some muscle or just generally feel like you’re a little bit healthier, January is the perfect time to start a get fit program. But keeping it up is the hard part and thankfully there’s plenty of fitness gadgets and technology around to help.

Eat Yourself Healthy with these Cooking Gadgets

Too much fatty food, too much booze, too many chocolates and far too many crisps, yes, that was Christmas and New Year for most of us. But now January has arrived, it’s time to eat and drink far more healthy and here’s a list of kitchen gadgets plus some apps and websites to help you do just that.

Get Ready for your New Year Detox

After all that food and drink over Christmas, it is now inevitable that you’re thinking of losing a few pounds. With a New Year upon us, it’s surely time to go into 2012 with a healthier outlook so here’s some gadgets, apps and websites that can help you exercise and eat well.

Top 10 Gadgets to Help You Live Healthy this Autumn

Eating and living healthy isn’t always top of the list of fun but there’s no reason it has to be boring or only involve salad and leaves. As the autumn sets in and the temperatures drop, here’s some handy ways to be healthier through both food and exercise.

Top Health Apps; How Smartphones are Improving Our Health

Health and fitness apps are attracting more and more users every day. We pick out some of the best health apps for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android users.

Ten of the Best Weight Loss Must Haves for Summer

Winter is now a distant memory for most of us and hopefully we can look forward to a scorching summer. But with summer comes flesh, baring it for all to see.

10 Ways to feel great in 2011

It’s not always practical or financially viable to visit a beauty salon or work out at the gym, but there some ways we can make ourselves look and feel better in our very own homes.