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Do you socialise more online than for real?

Surprisingly, only three in 10 people admit to having more friends online than offline, although, half of them do agree web relationships are far more superficial and less meaningful.

Angry Birds, Facebook, Sky… winners at the Appys

More than 115,000 votes were cast to crown the winners of the Appys this year. So who emerged victorious?

Could Facebook buy BlackBerry?

Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for a cool $1billion has been the talk of the tech world recently. We have listed 5 tech sales that we don’t think Facebook will be buying anytime soon; even though they may well want to.

Best Instagram alternatives

Instagram users have staged a mass exodus from the app, amid fears of privacy invasions by Facebook. So what Instagram alternatives are there?

Instagram users jumping ship over Facebook acquistion

Social networking giant Facebook bought social photo-sharing giant Instagram yesterday for $1 billion.

Facebook buys Instagram for $1 billion

Facebook has just announced that it has bought the Instagram photo-sharing service for a cool $1 billion (around £630 million).

Facebook vs Google – New Battle of the Search Engines

According to reports, Facebook is quietly working a new version of the search function to help users make the most of the vast plethora of content on the site.

Facebook most searched-for brand in 2011

In analysis of the UK’s most searched-for brands of 2011, it was Mark Zuckerberg’s website that came out on top.

New App Lets You Make Facebook Enemies

A new Facebook app has been launched that lets you create a list of enemies, to sit alongside your list of friends.

Facebook Buys 750 Patents from IBM

Facebook go shopping at IBM and come out with 750 new patents just 1 week after Yahoo begin legal proceedings for infringing on 10 patents.