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Yahoo and Facebook resolve their differences and form new partnership

Wouldn’t it be nice if all the tech companies could just get along with suing each other every five minutes? Yahoo and Facebook have now proven that you don’t need a courtroom to settle differences.

10 Things To Know About Facebook App Center

Facebook has begun to roll out its App Center to users across the UK. But what is it and how does it work? Find out all you need to know right here on Pluggedin.

Facebook App Centre – will it be a success?

The App Centre is Facebook’s first big move since its historic IPO last month. But will the service be a success?

Facebook mobile distracts from share prices

Facebook has announced its intention to develop a dedicated Facebook phone – detracting focus from the flagging value of its shares.

Facebook phone out ‘by next year,’ ex-Apple engineers sign on

Facebook could have a smartphone on the market by next year, according to the New York Times. The paper quotes a Facebook employee who says CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scared of becoming just an app.

Facebook introduces new Camera app to rival Instagram

Just six weeks after purchasing Instagram fro $1bn, Facebook have launched their own rival photo creation and sharing app. But why do they need two photo sharing apps?

Many Facebook users don’t click on adverts

Facebook’s flotation will generate plenty of funds for the company, there are fears it could change the social networking site for the worse.

Facebook valued at $104 billion as shares begin trading

To say that some of our friends are invested in Facebook would be an understatement, but from today they can finally put their money where their status update is and buy a stake in the company.

A quick guide to using Twitter as UK users pass the 10m mark

As British users on Twitter pass 10 million and the social network launches a new weekly email update, find out more and learn how to get started with the site with this handy How To guide to Twitter.

Microsoft Bing looks to Facebook and Twitter for its redesign

Microsoft has announced that Bing is to go through its biggest redesign yet, with the search engine getting a tune-up.