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4G finally launches in the UK but is it worth the extra money?

Everything Everywhere (EE) will initially launch its range of 4G products and services in ten major cities, before extending the service to other parts of the UK but is it worth the extra cash?

4G Mobile Technology: What You Need to Know and How to Get It

As you may know, next-generation phone networks are on their way to the UK. These are called 4G networks as opposed to the 3G ones we have now. But when can you expect to be on a 4G network? We’ve got the answers.

EE 4G UK release date, prices, coverage and speeds revealed

Everything Everywhere 4G is just around the corner with the super-fast service arriving to 4G smartphones on the 30 October along with a whole bunch of new extras for customers. Here’s what you need to know!

Everything Everywhere launch 4G in the UK

Everything Everywhere, the company behind Orange and T-Mobile, has launched its new 4G superfast mobile and broadband network in Britain with 16 UK cities due to be turned on before Christmas.

Three buys part of Everything Everywhere’s 4G ready spectrum

Three has confirmed that it has bought part of Everything Everywhere’s 1800MHz spectrum meaning they can now begin deploying their own 4G network ahead of the spectrum auction in 2013.

Is 4G Finally Coming to the UK?

Mobile users everywhere, it’s time to start getting excited. We could be seeing 4G mobile internet in the UK by the end of this year.