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Tomb Raider trailer gets an extreme reaction as Lara gets a new face

As the trailer for the new Tomb Raider reboot sparks a bit of debate due to a 2 second attempted rape scene and a slightly bodged live interview, Lara Croft gets yet another human face.

Best Game Trailers for 2012: Fifa 13, Dishonored, Halo 4, Dead Space 3 and more…

With GTA 5 looking more and more like a a 2013 release, we thought we’d take a look at the best games you can expect to get your hands on in 2012. Check out the trailers here!

GTA 5 release now unlikely for this year but instead looking like 2013

GTA 5 was a no-show at E3, leaving us all to wonder if we were being far too optimistic about a 2012 release. So when will we see the long-overdue GTA instalment?

Assassin’s Creed 3: Early Hands-on Review

Three years in the making, Assasin’s Creed 3 is not just the biggest game in the series yet, but the most ambitious with hundreds of new features. Read our early review of Ubisoft’s massive new title.

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection coming to PS Vita

Sony has used E3 to drum up as much hype as it possibly can for its handheld console, with a number of new games announced including Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.

SmartGlass, Wonderbook… best technology at E3 2012

It may have been the games that stole the show in Los Angeles this year, but there was still some pretty decent technology on display at E3 2012.

Assassins Creed, Call of Duty… Sony PS Vita at E3

But if there were ever some titles to turn the Vita’s fortunes around, it’s those announced at E3. So what can we expect from the Vita in the coming months?

Halo 4 trailer at E3 – what you need to know

Combining live action footage and in-game visuals, the Halo 4 trailer wowed crowds at E3. So what do we now know about this hugely anticipated title?

Nintendo Wii U at E3 – what games can we expect?

With both Sony and Microsoft choosing not to show off any new hardware, Nintendo was free to show off its latest console – the Wii U.

GTA 5, PS4, Xbox 720… E3 2012 rumour round-up

Forget about the four-day weekend, next week sees something much more exciting take place. Tuesday is the start of E3 2012, the three-day gaming extravaganza.