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Super Mario Bros 2 – is it any good?

The latest Super Mario Bros is set to build on the success of the franchise and is due for release on August 17th – but is it any good? And what can you expect?

Nintendo Wii U at E3 – what games can we expect?

With both Sony and Microsoft choosing not to show off any new hardware, Nintendo was free to show off its latest console – the Wii U.

Nintendo Wii U games leaked

The revelation comes courtesy of Blockbuster, as a screenshot from the retailer’s internal system appears to show a list of 25 titles for the Wii U’s launch.

Xbox Lite – What You Need to Know

A ‘Lite’ version of anything is never going to blow us away, so Microsoft is far more likely to focus on Xbox’s network features. What can you expect from the Xbox Lite?

Gaming the UK’s Biggest Entertainment Industry

Research has revealed that gaming has overtaken video to become the biggest entertainment category in the country.

Sony PS Vita – Can it beat the Nintendo 3DS?

Sony’s handheld has now been released into the wild. So how has the Vita fared so far? And will it beat the Nintendo 3DS?

Forget the Sony PS Vita, what do we want in the PS Vita 2?

Here at Pluggedin we like to keep one step ahead of the game, and like true techies, look ahead to the next product.

Was the Sony PS Vita the perfect tech launch?

After all the speculation and hype, there is a lot of pressure on big companies to deliver at launch. So did Sony live up to the expectation?

Xbox 720 – what we want to see

There has been plenty of speculation and rumour about what this next-gen console will feature. But what would we like to see in the Xbox 720?

Three Sony PS Vita accessories you need to own

Not only are there loads of games, but there is a huge range of PS Vita accessories available. So which ones do you need to own?