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Sony embraces cloud gaming with Gaikai buyout

Sony has announced that it is digging deep into its pockets and buying up all the shares of cloud-gaming service Gaikai for a rumoured $380m.

Hands on: Google Drive review

“Just like the Loch Ness Monster, you may have heard about Google Drive. It turns out, one of the two actually does exist.” That’s how Google introduced the long-awaited Google Drive.

Find out all about Google Drive

If you own a computer then backing up your files is crucial. But if you want access to all your documents, photos and videos – wherever you are – then a service like the new Google Drive could be useful. Store all of your files in the cloud and share and collaborate on them with others.

Cloud Services: Understanding Which One Is Best For You

You might have heard cloud services being referred to as the future of the internet. But what do they do? And which of them is best for you? Find out everything you need to know here.

Apple iCloud: the essential guide

The essential guide to setting up and using Apple iCloud. Read on for everything you need to know about iCloud; what it is, how to set it up and how to get the best from it.

What can we expect from Apple iCloud in the future?

If anyone can push the limits of what Cloud Services can do, it’s Apple. So what can we expect from the iCloud in the future?

Google to go head-to-head with iTunes and Amazon with cloud-based music service

Google looks set to move into the music market this week, with the expected announcement of Google Music.

PURE launch new cloud-based music service

PURE Music is the latest storm to sweep the cloud based media world. It’s a new on demand service, which gives you instant access to millions of tracks for a monthly subscription. 

UK launch of OnLive Cloud Gaming Computer Service

OnLive has announced that it will launch its instant-play video game service on 22nd September at the opening of the 2011 Eurogamer Expo in London.

What is the Cloud and How Do I Use It?

No, it’s not a comic book anti-hero, weather condition or cool underground band everyone is talking about: the ‘cloud’ is set to transform our lives. Find out how exactly.