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A Guide to MP3 Players

New to the world of mp3s? This short video will guide you through! We talk about the main models, including the Apple iPad, and features such as memory that you’ll want to consider.

Dishwasher Buyers Guide

Dishwashers are even better than they’ve ever been. Find out which dishwasher is right for you and see why in this short video.

LED TV explained

Technology is offering us yet more improvements to TV! LED TVs have great features in terms of colour, depth, and energy consumption – find out how!

Large load washing machines explained

Sick and tired of the never ending trips to the washing machine? Well, modern machines can save you up to nine loads a month! Leaving you to put your feet up…

PC, laptop or netbook?

Is a PC, a laptop or a netbook best for you? This short clip explains the differences and advantages of each option helping you choose the perfect computing companion.

Fully frost free refrigeration explained

What’s the difference between a fully frost free and a partially frost free refrigerator? Watch our handy video guide to find out!