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All-in-one printers

Get a printer, scanner and copier altogether with an all-in-one printer! Great for saving space! Watch our video to learn some helpful tips for buying one.

Understanding External Hard Drives

A gadget that can make your computer work faster and also safeguards you from loss and theft? Yes, it exists and it’s an external hard drive. Watch carefully…

LCD, LED or Plasma TVs?

Which TV will you go for next – LED, LCD or Plasma? Well, it depends what you’re looking for! Ultra-slim, budget, energy efficient, or colour quality? We’ll outline what each has to offer!

How to work out the best screen size for your TV

Looking at buying a brand new television but worried that you might not be able to see the screen from the sofa? This video will show you how to determine the best screen size for your living room space.

All-in-one remote controls

Tired of playing “hunt the remote?” Discover the advantages of owning an all-in-one remote control with our essential video guide.

Digital Camera Technology and Terminology Explained

Not bought a camera in a while? There are a few terms you might not be familiar with – megapixels, optical zoom, image stabilization, memory cards and D-SLR – this is all jargon to know before you invest!

Your Guide to Printers…

The printer you buy should depend on what you will be using it for. From those who want a no-fuss machine which will do all the functions you need, to those who will be reeling off hundreds of pages a week, Comet have the printer for you.

Top Tips when Buying a New Computer

If you haven’t bought a computer for a while, the jargon may be a bit daunting! We explain some key terms. From the basics – PC, laptop and netbook, to the more complicated – optical drives, HDMI and Blu-ray!

Things to think about when buying a TV

To make sure you get your dream TV set, you need to consider things like screen type (LCD, LED or Plasma?) and a sound system that will do your fave flicks justice!

Top Tips When Buying a New Washing Machine

Washing machines have come along more than you’d think! Super fast washing cycles and a steam wash that means no more ironing… In that case, probably time you upgraded!