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BBC iPlayer unlikely to land on Windows Phone 8

The BBC says the prospect of its iPlayer application coming to Windows Phone is remote due to the development tools Microsoft requires app developers to use which the beeb are unable to reuse on other platforms.

What To Know When Buying Free-to-Air Digital TV

If you are looking to buy a set-top box to receive free-to-air digital TV through Freeview, freesat or YouView, find out everything you need to know about them in our handy Buying Guide.

Calls down, texts and smartphones up – how Britain now communicates

Communication watchdog Ofcom has given the deepest glimpse yet at the way British people use technology in their everyday lives from talking to texting to surfing to owning smartphones and tablet computers.

10 Reasons To Buy YouView For Your TV

YouView has launched in Britain and will go one sale at the end of July. Find out more about the new set-top television box that merges Freeview with on-demand catch-up internet TV.

Why the surge in BBC iPlayer usage?

This year, BBC iPlayer users made an average of more than 190 million programme requests per month. So why has there been such a surge? Read on to find out more.

BBC iPlayer app for Windows Phone – what you need to know

The BBC iPlayer app, one of the most popular apps in the UK, is finally making its way onto the Windows Phone operating system. Bad news if you were expecting SkyGo as well though!

5 ways to watch TV on your PC or Mac

There are now a great many ways to watch TV channels on your PC or Mac – here’s five ways you can using both internet-based (streaming from the web) and traditional broadcast (Freeview).

Tune In to Ways to Watch Catch-up TV

If you hate adverts and prefer watching your TV when you want, then here are a load of ways to catch up with your favourite shows on the internet, smartphones and even games consoles.

BBC iPlayer for Xbox – What you need to know

BBC iPlayer, everybody’s favourite on-demand service, has finally made its way on to the Xbox 360 – not a moment too soon. Here is what you need to know about it.

The Pros and Cons of BBC iPlayer

As a new update to the iPlayer app launches to much fanfare among technology fans, we take a look at the pros and cons of the BBC iPlayer.