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Google’s demo of Project Glass is a real spectacle

Not only did we get the Nexus 7 tablet but Google Inc. co-founder Sergey Brin also showed us the first real glance at the heavily anticipated Google Project Glass. And what a spectacle it was!

Best augmented reality apps out there

There are now all sorts of apps available that harness augmented reality. But what are the best ones out there at the moment?

Google’s Project Glass – Augmented Reality Glasses Take Technology to a New Level

Google’s Project Glass Augmented Reality Glasses show us how the future could look – Spec wearers rejoice!

Aurasma augmented reality: coolest thing at Consumer Electronics Show

Pioneered by a company called Aurasma, augmented reality picks out objects, shapes or symbols and recognises what they are.

Augmented Reality: Tesco Try New Smartphone Technology

Thanks to utilising augmented reality, Tesco will see a number of their larger consumer good products no longer stored physically on shop floors.

Augmented Reality: Reality, But Not As We Know It

A recent report from Juniper Research found that the increasing focus on incorporating augmented reality (AR) elements within devices such as smartphones will lead to a massive increase in downloads by 2015. But what exactly is Augmented Reality?