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Fake Angry Birds app cost users thousands

A Latvian firm has been fined after it used malicious apps on the Google Play app store to con users out of money with premium text messages.

Will Angry Birds follow-up be as successful?

Rovio, the developer behind Angry Birds, is releasing Amazing Alex – a game based around a curious boy who likes to build things. But will it be as successful?

Microsoft revises Windows Phone adult app stance

Having opted to alter its stance on adult themed applications in the Windows Phone Marketplace, Microsoft has offered hints on how to revise the smut

Skype on PS Vita – what you need to know

Sony will be hoping to boost its sales figures as the PS Vita with the addition of Skype. But what do you need to know about the app?

Angry Birds Space shatters download records

Angry Birds Space has set a new record as the fastest-selling mobile game of all time, after being downloaded an incredible 50 million times in 35 days.

Best augmented reality apps out there

There are now all sorts of apps available that harness augmented reality. But what are the best ones out there at the moment?

Angry Birds, Facebook, Sky… winners at the Appys

More than 115,000 votes were cast to crown the winners of the Appys this year. So who emerged victorious?

Best Instagram alternatives

Instagram users have staged a mass exodus from the app, amid fears of privacy invasions by Facebook. So what Instagram alternatives are there?

Peter the Galaxy Note Elephant and Other Tech Savvy Animals Showcase their Skills

Animals + technology = fun! An elephant playing with a Samsung Galaxy Note, a chameleon with an iPhone, a gorilla checking out a DS and a goldfish playing Call of Duty (OK that last one may have been made up….)

Best Apps for the Older Generation

The silver generation is now well and truly tech-savvy. But what are the best apps for older people?