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An Introduction to Wireless Audio For the Home

With music more popular than ever and more portable than ever, one area that can really benefit is in the home where it’s easier than ever to set up, stream, share and play your favourite tracks. Learn more about setting up wireless home audio here!

Apple iTV release date, news and rumours

Our complete guide the latest details and rumours on the possible Apple iTV release date, price, specs and more. Will Apple’s venture into the TV market pay off? Find out here!

The New Google Nexus Q vs Apple TV

The Nexus Q landed from Google last week and it’s main competitor looks set to be Apple TV. But is this one battle that Google can win? We find out in our head-to-head.

Tech and Gadget Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

With Father’s Day just around the corner, there’s plenty of gift ideas to suit every budget. Give your dad a gadget or technology present from the likes of Apple or Sony including a DAB radio, video camera and stubble clipper.

WWDC 2012 Rumours: No iOS 6 for first generation Apple iPad

Apple may be about to drop support for the first generation iPad when, as is expected, it announces iOS 6 at WWDC 2012 today. Rumours also suggest the possibility of Apple TV.

iPhone 5, Apple TV, iOS 6… WWDC rumour round-up

As with any Apple event, the rumour mill has been full swing over WWDC. Almost everything has been speculated on, but how much truth is there to the rumours?

Xbox Lite – What You Need to Know

A ‘Lite’ version of anything is never going to blow us away, so Microsoft is far more likely to focus on Xbox’s network features. What can you expect from the Xbox Lite?

Apple TV vs Google TV: Which will be Best?

Forget about Siri, Ice Cream Sandwiches and Smartphones: the real battle of the technology giants is in winning over millions of consumers to the next generation in TV technology: Smart TVs.

Apple to tackle TV market with Apple TV sets

What Apple is about to launch is not an improvement or upgrade to the set-top box that we saw back in 2010, but a full-on, actual television set.

Apple to bid on Premier League football for Apple TV?

Apple are lining up a shock bid to bring Premier League football streaming to its Apple TV service, according to reports. But will this be a welcome addition tot he expensive service?