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Apple iTV release date, news and rumours

Our complete guide the latest details and rumours on the possible Apple iTV release date, price, specs and more. Will Apple’s venture into the TV market pay off? Find out here!

Apple is the most valuable company in the world yet again

Californian super tech giant Apple have once again become the most valuable company in the world beating a record previously set by Microsoft. But what does the future hold for Apple?

TV market is ‘Apple’s to lose’ says ex-CEO

The man who ran Apple when Steve Jobs departed in 1985 says he’s backing the company to take over the TV market with the announcement of the long awaiting Apple iTV flatsreen set.

Apple iTV – When Will We See It?

Some had been expecting the see the iTV at the iPad’s launch last week, although that was a long shot to say the least. So when will we see this exciting new venture for Apple?

5 Reasons Why You’ll Want an Apple iTV

When Apple released the original iPhone and kicked off the current smartphone revolution, several companies started worrying.

Apple iTV “To Land In 2012 & Revolutionise the Market’

Apple has tapped up a number of component manufacturers and is all set to release its version of a connected TV by the end of 2012, according to US analyst Gene Munster.

Apple iTV to bring customised channel options?

Apple is looking to bring customisable channel and show options to Apple iTV in a bid to differentiate the service from other web TV offerings.

Apple iTV sets ‘to launch in 2012 with premium price tag’

One of the world’s most trusted analysts, Gene Munster, has re-ignited rumours that Apple is ready to take on the home entertainment world with its own television set.