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A Guide to Buying the New Range of Apple iPods

It’s not just the Apple iPhone 5 which has had a makeover – Apple has now launched a new line of iPod music players for 2012 which includes new iPod Touch and Nano with a host of new and exciting features. Here’s what you need to know if you’re looking to buy one.

Tech To Help Celebrate The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

The Queen celebrates 60 years on the British throne this weekend – here are some ways technology can help you commemorate her achievement from apps to websites to gadgets.

The latest technology from the iPod family

Your music, films, TV Programmes, apps and more all at your finger tips with the iPod family. The latest technology from the Apple iPod family is here.

10 best iPhone and iPad apps for making you laugh

There’s comedy genius to be found in the App Store, and we’ve spent a pretty enjoyable week rounding up the very best of it for you.

Could 2012 spell the end for the iPod?

With the growing popularity of the iPhone, and the various Android devices on the market, is there room for the iPod in 2012 and beyond?

The Apple iPod At 10 – ten tips for your iPod Classic

When Apple launched the iPod ten years ago, they revolutionised the way we consume media – everything from how we listen to music, to where we listen to it has made the iPod into a classic piece of technology.

10 years on: How iPods changed the world

On 23rd October 2001, the iPod was introduced to the world. Now, ten years on the iPod is a household name and a gadget with a string of other gadgets to its legacy.

New iPod Shuffle Review
Rating: ★★★★☆

iPod Shuffle slims down, but new features speak volumes. Quite literally.

Top Five MP3 Players That Serve All Your Audio Needs

Are you looking to buy your first MP3 player or thinking of replacing an older model but dont know which one to choose?  Check out this handy guide to the top five MP3 players available to you today.

Google Shopper App Now Available for iPhone and iPod

Apple users unable to access Google’s popular Shopper Application can breathe easy: the App is now available on an iPhone or iPod near you.