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September iPhone 5 launch date becomes ever more likely

Numerous sources have now confirmed the Apple iPhone 5 launch date as September 12. But will Apple’s new smartphone be worth the wait with many now seeing Android as the better option.

New iPhone 5 release date rumours intensify as sample images emerge

Apple iPhone 5 release date rumours are once again doing the rounds, following a series of image leaks of what’s believed to be a sample of the rumoured handset. Take a look for yourself here!

Apple iPhone 5 release date, rumours and battery dilemma

Apple’s iPhone 5 release date will go ahead as planned, despite claims by industry analysts that there is a shortage of quality batteries available to build the handset.

Will the new Samsung Galaxy S3 kill off Apple’s new iPhone?

As Samsung look to dominate the smartphone market with the new Galaxy S3, how will Apple fair? And will the launch of the new iPhone (whenever it may be) put Apple back in the top spot?

Apple iPhone 5 release: June, October, or neither?

There is certainly an iPhone coming this year. But as for when we’ll see the device – that is a little more uncertain. Find out more…

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Apple iPhone 5 – what do we know so far?

It is the biggest tech battle of the year and it hasn’t even started yet. The head-to-head between Samsung and Apple may still be a couple of months away, but we’re looking forward to it already. So what do we know about the devices so far?

Apple iPhone 5 – when exactly will it launch?

For techies and Apple fans out there, the only question worth asking is: when will we actually see the device? We know it’s going to be good, but when can we get our hands on one?

Apple iPhone 5 to be released in June?

History would suggest that Apple will be doing nothing until the iPhone 4S has had a year on the shelves. But the latest rumours doing the rounds suggest otherwise.

Samsung Galaxy S3 or Apple iPhone 5 – which should you wait for?

They are without doubt the biggest phones of the year, and neither one of them is even on the market yet. But which one should you wait for?

Sony to help make iPhone 5 even thinner

Sony has developed new back-illuminated stacked CMOS image sensors which are smaller in size, allowing them to be used in thinner handsets, while delivering higher quality images.