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Tablet prices drop significantly over the past year

New figures have relvealed that tablet fans can now get their hands on the latest devices from the likes of Samsung, Asus and even Apple for less these days as average prices for have dropped significantly in the last year.

Apple’s New iPad 3 – the Definitive Video Review
Rating: ★★★★★

New iPad 3 video review: A higher-def screen and a slicker look. Does the iPad 3 mark a point at which resistance to Apple’s market-leading tablet becomes futile? Find out more in our expert review!

LIVE Apple iPad 3 Launch Event Coverage!

All the latest live Apple iPad 3 updates, news, pictures and more as it happens at the iPad 3 event (or should we say, the iPad HD event)

Apple iPad 3: What else will we see at the launch?

The cryptic nature of Apple’s announcement has got the rumour mill whirring, with debate and speculation aplenty over what exactly the conference will include. Find out more here!

iPad 3 launch “will feature budget iPad 2″

As the iPad 3 hype gets turned up to 11 in the lead up to its March 7 unveiling, rumours suggests that Apple could release a cheap 8GB iPad 2 alongside the main attraction.

Apple iPad 3 vs Amazon Kindle Fire 2

We’ve had little in the way of detail from both Amazon and Apple, but as ever there has been speculation aplenty. So how do the Apple iPad 3 and the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 measure up?

Apple iPad 3 or Kindle Fire – which one should you wait for?

They are two of the most talked about devices in the world of technology, and neither one is on sale here. So which one should you wait for?

Apple iPad 3 – hottest leaks so far

What are the Apple iPad 3 leaks you need to know about? They don’t give us concrete facts, but they do mean we can make some pretty good guesses as to what to expect.

Apple iPad 3 vs Samsung galaxy Tab 7.7

Not only are the biggest tablets of the year going to be thinner, quicker and much more powerful, but they will (finally) be a bit cheaper too.

Apple iPad 3: rumour busting

With everyone using a ‘trustworthy source’ to get a juicy rumour going, it can be hard to cut through the nonsense. So what iPad 3 rumours are the stuff of fiction?