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New Mobile Technology: What To Look Forward To In 2012

The coming months will see massive new operating systems coming from Microsoft and Google as well as big hardware launches from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S3 specs ‘revealed’

Samsung may have chosen not to unveil the Samsung Galaxy S3 at MWC 2012 this year, but that hasn’t stopped the device stealing the limelight, with new information about the phone’s specs coming to light.

Samsung Galaxy S3 countdown: top Android games

If there is one thing that we all love doing on our smartphones, it’s playing games. So with that in mind, what are the best games available on the Android Market?

Nokia Lumia 900: what you need to know

The Lumia 800 struggled to sell over Christmas. So Nokia will be hoping for things with the Lumia 900, but what can we expect?

Samsung Galaxy S3: where and when will it be launched?

Another week, another onslaught of Galaxy S3 speculation, rumours and very heated debate. We (sort of) know the specs to expect; the debate this week is about when and where.

HTC Edge – what you need to know

With so much talk of Apple and Samsung in the smartphone market, it can be easy to forget about one of their closest rivals – HTC.

Sony, Motorola, LG… best Android alternatives to Samsung Galaxy S3

We like to keep things fair at Pluggedin and give other Android devices a chance. So what are the best Android alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Superphone vs smartphone: what’s the difference?

What do you call a smartphone that’s a little bit smarter than other smartphones? A smarterphone? A brainyphone? Nope: it’s superphone, and if you’re not sick of the word already you will be by the end of 2012.

Sony Xperia S final release date and price announced

The Sony Xperia S will be released on 5 March and will be priced at £429.99 (inc VAT) SIM-free.

Nokia Lumia 900, Sony, HTC… most exciting smartphones at CES 2012

CES has had plenty of new smartphones on display this year, but which are we most excited about? Here is our rundown of the best.