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Tablet Fever: Is there a new model in the pipeline for HTC?

It seems that a new tablet is being announced each week at the moment from the iPad Mini to the Kindle Fire 2. Now it seems HTC will be the latest tech company to wade into the tablet market.

Apple iPad 3 vs Amazon Kindle Fire 2

We’ve had little in the way of detail from both Amazon and Apple, but as ever there has been speculation aplenty. So how do the Apple iPad 3 and the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 measure up?

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 – What You Need to Know

It looks like Amazon will not be resting on its laurels for long – it is rumoured to be preparing the next-gen Kindle Fire already. So what do you need to know about the Kindle Fire 2?

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 rumours rounded up

You’ve got to love the internet rumour mill: when a big-name device ships without any of the features the rumour-mongers predicted, the response is always the same: “Yeah, but we meant the next version!”